Aqeem Jones’s new video is a fresh reminder to “Focus On Yourself”

“I always knew I’d make it to where I’m currently at.”

Right from the get-go, ego oozes from Aqeem Jones, as he drops hip hop verses with the kind of self-indulgent flair which often seems to pivot the entire genre.

The Cape Town creative, artist and musician was listed among Club X Magazine’s rising stars of 2018, and his debut EP Youthy, which was released last year deals with your typical love and loss, dreams and failures, all stirred in with a touch of what it’s really like to hustle in modern South Africa.

“Focus On Yourself” urges just that. In the vein of people not giving a fuck about you until you’ve got some street cred beneath your feet, he throws shade at the mates who suddenly resurface for a beer, the girls abruptly bright-eyed for his eligibility – spun off a chiming melody and bulbous beat foundation.

“This is why artists, they drown in liquor,” he adds, as black-and-white suburban Cape Town footage stutters across the screen.

It’s a good message, just perhaps a little clumsily carried across. And while this track is nothing new, Aqeem knows he has a voice to carry it across to the youth of today.