Aston Wylie’s debut music video is a stormy ode to the tides of relationships

Steered by a driving electro-orientated baritone beat, Aston Wylie debuts his first music video with a moody oceanic video.

It’s the kind of radio-bred pop levity which is packed full of hooks which never quite grip.

Nevertheless clear, strong vocals power across the track, beneath which the rock-solid beat rolls. Almost unprecedented, the grinding roguishness of it flings off of itself which every pulse of the electronicism – while the chorus strips things down for a brief respite.

Shot by Tyler Walker over a day between Kalk Bay and Noordhoek, the video is a sweeping, yet closely shot exploration of a relationship through the grey-blue lens of a stormy Cape Town.

Windswept profile shots counter rolling underwater footage of waves as they crash, roll and break again. Cleanly shot, with cutting breaks mimicking the staccato thread of the track, a lavender dress ripples in the wind, while Wylie himself squares up to the camera.

It’s kinda cheesy, it’s kinda cute. It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s got some drivingly good grip on it.