Deadly Bites’ new EP is characterised by long, fuzzed out periods of psych wafting and it’s glorious

The first time I saw Deadly Bites was at Endless Daze in 2017. They were the second band on the first day and I remember feeling underwhelmed. I stuck around in the wilting heat for about 3 songs before I retreated to the bar.

In the two years since then the fuzzed-out psych rock four-piece have done a total 180 and this seven-track EP is the culmination of that hard work.

If Elle E and Retro Dizzy had a bender at The Shack one night, this EP would be the lovechild of that union. Jessica Joy Steyn and Dean Hibbert both rock electrics and share vocal duties and it’s a solid backwards and forwards which keeps things fresh vocally.

It’s also an EP characterised by long, fuzzed out periods of psych wafting that the Moavero Brothers (Elio on bass and Valentino on drums) hold together expertly.

Denoted by a heavy, reverberating riff, opener “Let’s Go” is an ode to hitting the open road and escaping from the monotony of city living, while the tempo changes on “Mind Drain” makes you feel like you’re on the mal-est psych rock rollercoaster, complete with Fildar-esque wailing.

Minimalistic surf rock is also palpable (see single “Explode!”) while the howling riff in “Summertime” and the duality of tempo and mood in “Fall Apart” make these my stand out song picks. Trust me, there’s some good shit on here.

If you’re looking for something fresh to add to your playlists, I’d recommend giving this one a spin.

I also can’t wait for their set at Endless Daze in November. Oh wait, they’re not playing? What the actual fuck. They should be. Next time I’ll 100% stick around for the whole thing.

Deadly Bites are playing two Uncle Mothers shows this Friday in Joburg and this Saturday in Pretoria.

Pic courtesy of Mirchmellow.