Deezer’s epic song recognition feature, SongCatcher, is now available on iOS

With their new feature Deezer is aiming to make the pain of unknown songs a thing of the past.

Starting today, all iOS mobile users can access Deezer’s SongCatcher, a proprietary audio recognition feature that identifies songs users don’t know or can’t remember.

Similar to Shazam, when you now hear a song on TV, in a cafe, on the radio or anywhere within hearing range of SongCatcher, you can immediately discover the name of an unknown song.

You can easily launch SongCatcher by using the search bar function in the Deezer app to find the name of the track and artist.

Deezer’s SongCatcher features include:

  • Ability to instantly recognize any song from a library of over 56 million tracks worldwide
  • Add newly identified tracks to your favorites and/or playlists within Deezer
  • Immediately play saved* and favorite tracks on Deezer Premium from SongCatcher
  • Available for all Deezer users, including Free

SongCatcher, powered by ACRCloud, is now available for all iOS and Android mobile users across the world.

Starting today, users can update the Deezer app to access SongCatcher.