Emrys Stead takes D.I.Y. pop to a whole new level in his Yellow EP

Indie-pop, watch your back. There’s a new kid in town and he’s knocking out those stereotypes left, right and center. 

Yellow is the bedroom project of 19-year-old Emrhys Stead, and if it’s anything to go by, you‘ll want to keep an eye on the colour-soaked, forward-thinking hipsterist slant he’s taking on the pop genre. 

Experimental but never past the point of recognition, he divvies up synth, percussion, jangling guitar and rolling vocals with a kind of eloquent nonchalance. 

Kicking things off with the funk-driven ‘80’s synth style of “Drunken Lies”, which takes old-school prisms and turns them on their heads with a strange modern twist, Stead is quick on his feet to find his niche. 

Each track carved out its place. 

From the brisk backbone beat of “Change” – which dropped alongside a brisk blue music video a couple of weeks ago – to the languid, cruising jazz-esque vibes of “These Days”. 

“Gold Plated Cigarettes” takes the cake with an Afro-pop slant peppered in woody percussion and unobtrusive hooks, while “Number One” is equally as quirky, doubling up on a melody line which is deliciously just left of predictable. 

It’s a forward-thinking take on a timeless genre. And it’s some damn fine home-production to boot.