Expertly balanced rock ‘n’ roll reigns supreme in Black Pistol’s “Sins of the Father”

Constantly pushing the envelope with their zero-fucks-given attitude, Black Pistol just dropped perhaps one of the most wholesome rock ‘n’ roll offerings of the year.

Consistently drawing on influence from across the timescale rock map across the ages, Sins of the Father is artfully balanced through gritty, riveting riffage and clarified, narrative vocalism.

They don’t falter once – and perhaps the beauty of this album is the expertly thought out balance of each track, hitting home on all levels.

Clashing, dirty drum-work and roaring riffage are splashed across the situation – from the fluent build of “Nowhere to Run”, to the back-to-basics clarified riff angle of “Call to Arms”.

Psych aspects thread keenly through “Heaven and Hell”, as well as “Sins of the Father” – whose RHCP-esque tones lends a calmer palate cleanser to the whole thing.

That being said, get your necks ready to handle “Devil In Disguise” and “Psycho Maniac” because you wont be going easy on the dance floor with these ones.

Honed in on coiled riffage and smooth lyricism, the album finds itself teetering on a knife edge balance which falls together oh so tastily.