Fresh Flex Friday #82

We start this week’s feature with balladry and lamentations about love and end it with raw street rhythms. Much like the undulating nature of our lives, the moods in this selection speak to every one of our emotions.

Find what best represents your current state of mind and play it as loud as you can. Get lost in it and make your way into the weekend feeling energised and ready for anything. 

Yum Yuck – Lighthouses

My favourite melancholic pop crooner is back with a new single. Yum Yuck succinctly captures the mixed emotions of love. Sadness and joy in equal measure, the feelings that keep you wary while simultaneously overwhelming you with the warmth that keeps you returning back to the source for a refill. Knowing songs like this exist in the world makes the idea of being vulnerable that much more appealing. 

Bye Beneco – It’s Not True Love

Our feelings are taken on a distinctly more psychedelic journey with the latest offering from Bye Beneco. The disco influence in the rhythm adds energy to Lenny’s vocals which seem to be channelling early Debbie Harry vibes, and it’s an incredible combination. Bye Beneco is on of the bands in South Africa that consistantly delivers high quality music and performances to match, and what a blessing that is. 

Gina Jeanz feat Dani Bagel – Smoke and Mirrors

Gina was recently featured on the cover of Hype Magazine, Africa’s number one hip hop magazine, as part of the new wave of hip hop producers in South Africa. The reason she is being heralded by publications of this calibre is her delivery of unmistakable grooves and rhythms which are energetic and soulful. Her understanding of sampling and intuition for vocal collaborations has produced this club ready ballad which beautifully showcases the vocal prowess of Dani Bagel. The video captures the mood of the the track with the dance energy and love song elements blending together within the different landscapes of Cape Town.

Kostakis – Thermopylae 

Kosta is a stalwart in the South African house industry. Achieving legend status as part of both the Strange Loving and Crazy White Boy crew, he is an incredible solo producer as well. This deep house roller is engaging and coercive. The vocals are uplifting and haunting at the same time, supported by some of the most interesting melodies and grooves I’ve heard in a while. Plus you can grab a copy of it for free so that it can live on your playlist forever, that sounds like a sweet deal to me.

Stiff Pap – Mkokotelo

When we stay Stiff Pap is forever, we mean it. Back on our airwaves with their signature industrial post-kwaito hip hop sound, this new single is a precursor to an EP of some of the most groundbreaking and exciting boundary bending beats you’ll hear this year. This is the sound of the streets, the sound bellowing out of our neighbourhoods and the rhythms we want to hear in the club.