Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #92

This week’s selection is noticeably more high energy, chaotic and possibly more aggressive – but in the best way possible.

Things were a bit romantic and dreamy last week and I think it’s important to exercise balance in your life as much as possible. If you’re listening at work, make sure that your headphones aren’t too loud because you might get lost in the moment and forget where you are. Wherever you do listen, enjoy it and rave safe this weekend.

Miles of White – Mental Health

Striking all the right chords, this song is an accurate representation of the fluctuating chaos of a troubled mind. Serene moments interlaced with overwhelming layers of energy and emotion. Miles of White has a fascinating grasp on combining unexpected elements in his songs and this new release once again delivers a superb example of his skill.

Loui Lvndon – How Come Your Are Not?

Loui is one of those artists who is incredible when you remember to listen to his music, but I always find myself forgetting that he should be on my playlist. And I’m still not certain why I have this problem. He delivers strong vocals, accompanied by pop-sensible but slightly dark rhythms that always have you doing the shoulder dance while you’re jamming in front of your computer. Give this new track a try, and decide for yourself.

blaqkongo – A Gemini Moon Phase 

This release exhibits blaqkongo’s affinity for deep and full low end, his bass lines are bulkier and warmer than a lot of similar releases coming from local artists. He balances this out with sharp and present rhythms in the foreground of each track. This leaves a lot of space to breathe and feel the intention of the songs without feeling sensory exhaustion.

Cadenza – Flow Remix EP

Ambious Records returns with a selection of deep and resounding remixes of Cadenza’s tracks, Fire and Ripples. Dave April, Dast and Dylan, and Kostakis each take turns to add their signature flavour and interpretation of two already strong dance floor burners. This EP is another example of the trust and intuition present in the relationship between this label and the artists they work with, never compromising on quality and always working to raise the standard in their sector of the industry.

Jumping Back Slash – Blunt Blades

With a forthcoming EP called Animals due for release on the brand new UK label Club Yeke, we were treated to a taste of whats to come with this juicy track. This is a prime example of the unrelenting, raw and infectious rhythms for which Jumping Back Slash is best known. And if this is what we’re being teased with, you have to know the full release is going to blow us out of the water.