Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #93

This week’s selection comprises of warm fuzzy feelings, euphoria, gritty energy and complete bad-assery in a showcase of diversity in mood, energy, and genre.

It’s incredibly inspiring to discover this music each week and even more pleasing to be able to share these discoveries with you. Populate your playlists and start your weekend off the right way.

Jesse Gillis – T-shirt

As I press play my head is filled with a tornado of thoughts. Workload pressure, family considerations, and the ever-dreaded relationship complications. Moments after the song starts I’m captured by Amy Ayanda’s voice. This track is soothing, dreamy and most importantly it is reminiscent of the innocent simplicity we take for granted in our personal relationships. The naivete of crushes, the excitement of newness and the warmth of loving someone. More of that, please.

Bard – Bad Feeling

The repetition of “I got a bad feeling about it” thankfully doesn’t refer to this track, which is incredible. Bard is like a far less whiny Patrick Stump delivering an anthemic angry pop song. It’s catchy, fills up a spectrum of energy and emotion while building an image in your mind of what it would be like to experience this song live for the first time in a big crowd and in front of a massive sound system. It will be epic.

Fantom Feelings – Traveler

And then you get hit dead-centre in your feelings courtesy of beautiful guitar chords and spacy synths. I’ve always said that you should never underestimate the power of communicating your story in music without lyrics. At no point was I bored or disinterested in the progress of this song, the well-timed changes in pace and energy keep you glued to your headphones right until the end.

Nick Holy – Fact

This track checks all the boxes of the young rapper starter pack. Sardonic narrative, squad adlibs, jiggy flow, anecdotal references to money, hooking up and cars they don’t own. That being said, it’s well-produced and tightly delivered. Quality will always get a song the attention it needs, which is what has happened with this release. The video features live performance footage which shows Holy putting in the work and looking very confident on stage which is critical. That alone gets my support and interest in seeing how this progresses.

Sampa The Great – OMG

Zambian rapper Sampa The Great has absolutely slain on this track. One of the most exciting tracks to come out of this region since the beginning of the year. The video features South African dancers and local scenes whose raw energy encapsulates the confident and brazen mood of the song. These are the power anthems we deserve, in the club and blasting out of speakers to get us motivated for the day.