Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #94

Many boundaries have been pushed or broken in this week’s selection. Unexpected collaborations, beautiful visuals, and inspiring stories are the positive energy sources that will get us through Friday and deliver us safely into the welcoming arms of the weekend.

Please remember, if you hear something you like show some support for the artist by spreading their music. Rave safe and have an awesome weekend. 

Josh Kempen – Promises

The barren desert landscape and isolation depicted in the video play directly into the context of the song. Broken promises, abandonment and heartbreak are sprinkled with the hope of resolution. That hope can be seen in Kempen’s constant searching gazes and the journey through the desert both on foot and by motorcycle. The protagonist and his subject are only featured together in the same frame towards the end of the video which may allude to the promise of return finally being fulfilled.

TZARA feat Laudable – Guess I Tried

I’ve been privy to a few snippets of Tzara’s new projects and I’m astounded at how many boundaries she is pushing in her production. This self-proclaimed weird pop track opens with an android voice which sets up the eerie aesthetic of the entire track. We are then treated to the ethereal musing of Tzara’s own voice as well as the most pleasant surprise, the enticing flow, and tone of the featured rapper Laudable. I’ve mentioned this before, but I really do believe Tzara is unintentionally soundtracking a dystopian parallel universe and I find myself wanting to go there the more I listen to her music.

The Man Motels – That’s Crazy Baby feat George Van Der Spuy

Today marks the release of That’s Crazy Baby, the latest offering from The Man Motels was recorded at Kill City Blues and features George from Taxi Violence as a vocal guest. It is also exactly one year to the date since the release of their last single, which means we’re celebrating an anniversary of sorts. The track is a strong combination of rock n roll power chords and no-frills punk. Raspy lead vocals are supported by gang vocal harmonies which keep the energy of the track fresh and enticing as it progresses.

Messive Muzik – Uthabili EP

Deep and moody, this EP features the signature sound we’ve come to expect from Messive Muzik. Each track has been paired with an impressive selection of South African deep house gems namely Secret Souls, Pierre Johnson and KVRVBO. The EP starts dark and low-slung, becomes more colourful and wonky towards the middle before culminating in soulful, emotional groove. Ambious Records once again delivers the goods and everyone involved on this project should be proud.

Above & Beyond and Seven Lions – See The End featuring Opposite The Other If you’re fortunate enough to get an opportunity like Sam from OTO got, make sure you take full advantage and you could also end up with your vocals and songwriting on your idol’s globally released track. Whether this style of music is to your taste or not, you cannot deny the incredible significance of a young artist sitting in his bedroom in Rondebosch, Cape Town recording a contribution that is now immortalized in this song and will be played at some of the biggest festivals in the world.