Go The Rodeo is anything but Lekker Chilled in their reality-bite of an album

A glacé cherry balances atop a rapidly melting soft serve ice-cream.

This is the cover art for Lekker Chilled and straight off the bat it’s anything but that.

An old-school electro wind-up cranks things into play. A static, swiped monologue (“Love is a fog which burns with the first daylight of reality”) gives way to a robotic injection, interrupting your regular programming to bring you… Go The Rodeo. Now that’s an album intro.

From there on out it’s a race to the finish line – or mid-line, as things wind down again and by the time already released singles “Sea Dog” and “Vultures” roll around. Here they strip things down with minimalist flair.

Psych influence divvies things up as vocals skid across “Lost Poet”, and knitting-needle synth slices through “Set Fire”. Gritty bass lines rub familiar shoulders with rollicking riffs, only this time around its the EDM influence which stands at the forefront.

Halfway through they lose a bit of momentum though which I attribute to the 12-track length, but all-in-all it’s a solid and experimental release that’s been a long time coming.