HONEYMOAN take alt. pop to all sorts of multi-textured heights in their Body EP

Sometimes Apple Music throws unexpected gems your way and HONEYMOAN’s fresh EP is testimony to just that.

They have something tasty as heck going for them if this offering has anything to say about it – and they’ve slid their way into the Endless Daze line-up so you have that to look forward to.

The four-track EP stretches on with the kind of complacency which wont even allow you to notice those extra bars they’ve slid into the cracks.

Theirs is an avant-garde pop tapestry, whose synth freneticism and rhythm-driven angle allows for a warping, weaving conundrum of aspects all vying to make themselves known.

Hitting you hard from the get-go, “Follow Me” kicks things off with a percussion-driven intro. Playful vocal threads wrap around one another and untangle just as swiftly.

“Sweating Gold” somehow exemplifies the last 40 years of pop maturation in one track – while “Low Blow” is scrawled with surface-level jangling guitar and sliding synths.

“Gym Song” is just that – and probably my favourite track of the EP. Packed full of atypical pop hooks they break down the toxicities of gym culture in rhythm-soaked lyricism

This is a listen you won’t regret. Get comfy.