Mama Aiuto’s debut “Well Rested in Peace” is an ode to tranquillity

Well Rested in Peace is the dreamy debut album for Mama Aiuto, the brainchild and latest project of Cape Town based producer Benjamin McCarthy (Oracles and The World of Birds).

Clocking in at just over 16 minutes and comprising of 8 tracks, Well Rested in Peace offers the listener a chance at attaining just that, as it invites you to sit back, relax and completely unwind.

In keeping with its ‘well rested’ name, the album moves at a languorous pace, with its first track “Bby Who” setting the ambient and light-hearted tone which goes on to characterise the songs which follow.

The album appeals to the senses, as each song is an eclectic combination of wonderfully layered sounds and melodies, often accompanied by lively yet not overpowering beats; which ultimately meld together to create a truly atmospheric experience. This is especially evident in tracks like “Fuzzy Brain” and “Disposables” which include samples of the sound of rain falling, further invoking that laid-back, serene feeling.

Well Rested in Peace is both well-produced and manages to create a textured and technically complex, yet entirely unpretentious sound.

After listening to all 8 songs you’ll more than likely find yourself inclined to just… chill.