Martin Smith takes us on a journey through a sonic galaxy with Crowns

Martin Smith’s newest EP has a well of lyrical depth weaved into his retro-tinged psychedelic rock.

“Mountain Feels” runs rife with the expansive, guitar driven sound of contemporary psych but also winks at the past with its ’80’s synths creating a dreamy world for Smith to tell his story. With support in his heart but boundaries in his mind he gently concurs, “Wake me when the future feels/ hard in your heart and pray.” 

An offer of help, but only when it’s absolutely necessary.

“The Jester” takes a turn for the tragic with its weeping violins and the occasional minor-fall. There’s a sense of grandiosity that builds as the strings start becoming more and more expressive, turning the song into an emotional roller-coaster. It moves between big and small, intimate and passionate while Smith mourns into the microphone.With expert balance, Crowns explores big, sweeping moments with the more intimate sections creating a fluid, dynamic experience, which never falters.