Melodically pop and aesthetically punk, Miley Cyrus’s She Is Coming is brash and fully in-your-face

Miley’s coming in hot with the first of three EP releases and it seems that she’s cast her genre-net incredibly wide too.

Accompanied by a striking video, first single “Mother’s and Daughter” grapples with the conventions of gender and sexuality in our modern times, laced in kick-back production as she spits, “Don’t fuck with my freedom.” We won’t be doing that any time soon.

Straight on from this, “Unholy” lyrically reinforces the fact that Miley’s gonna do whatever the hell she wants to, underpinned by a safe-ish melody. “D.R.E.A.M.” follows this trap-trend as she listlessly cooes, “Drugs rule everything around me.”

It’s when we hit “Cattitude” that things pick up again.

Featuring the original drag queen superstar, Ru Paul, this track is the very epitome of pussy power and is packed full of the kind of bass that thumps in your chest long after you’ve left the club. The Cherry on top is the “rump-a-pum-pum” lifted straight from Missy Elliott’s “Work It”.

Then all at once “The Most”, written for her future husband, becomes a pop ballad which all but slides her back into those Hannah Montana glory days.

Buckle up, we’ve got two EPs to go.