Miley Cyrus’ new video for feminist anthem “Mother’s Daughter” is visually jarring and features a group of inspiring individuals

Miley Cyrus has always been at her best when she’s trying to make a gigantic statement.

Recently heartbroken? En cue “Wrecking Ball”. Feeling more than mildly rebellious? Turn up “We Can’t Stop”.

So when she got married and starting making country tunes I zoned out for a bit. “Mother’s Daughter”, off her latest EP She Is Coming the first of three EPs, has reeled me right back in. Alright Hannah, you got my attention again.

Similar to “Wrecking Ball” this video, directed by Alexandre Moors, is a piece of art and plays expertly with conventions of gender and sexuality.

Featuring transgender model Casil McArthur, plus-size model Angelina Duplisea and a whole host of other artists and activists, it’s interspersed with messages like “virginity is a social construct”, “feminist AF” and “my body my rules”. This is Miley, once again, challenging social norms through blunt words and seemingly provocative imagery.

Also, does that red spandex suit remind you of anyone? If you thought Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again”, be still my ’00s pop heart we were probably meant for each other. Miley’s version has an interesting embellishment: a bejewelled vagina dentata.

Ah Miley, I’ve missed you.