Rosaliá’s new video “F*cking Money Man” blesses us with two singles in a game show-styled package

I’m starting to fall hard for Rosaliá. I mean, the woman announced her two-single drop by taking out a full-page ad in Spanish newspaper El País on release day.

The ad, in bold-print capitals against a dollar-green backdrop, read “Fucking Money Man” and was featured in the Business Pages. See what I mean by falling hard?

The video for “Fucking Money Man” is made up of two singles. The first track, “Milionària” (“Millionare”), is the first song the singer has written in Catalan while the second track, “Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero” (“God Free Us From The Money”), sees her return to her flamenco roots. Both examine society’s relationship, and sometimes borderline obsession, with chasing the paper.

Directed by Bàrbara Farré, the video for “Fucking Money Man” features Rosaliá as a gameshow contestant and then places her in a middle of a small ring of fire, dressed in the chicest Moschino matador outfit, as money rains down on her like confetti.

If you need me I’ll be over here patiently waiting for what she’s about to drop next…