Rose Bonica new video “Volatile” is the arachnophobes nightmare and the left-field artist’s dream

I’m not sure whether to call Rose Bonica a musician or simply a wildly multi-textured artist.

Let’s go with the latter.

A stunningly-artful, yet fucked-up glimpse into both Bonica and director Tamzyn Botha’s minds, “Volatile” is a harrowing and yet equally beguiling exploration of sonic-visual artistry as spidery puppet-esque figures grapple in a dusky room.

This woman is a distinct character who is taking on the scene with a weirdness which, in her candid words, will only end up revolutionising the genre. It’ll chew you up with relish and spit you out with equal disgust.

Genre? What genre? The track is driven by an uneasy, guttural synth line. Alien and uncomfortable, building harshly upon itself, grating on the eardrums until a chiming melody – so raindrop-light you half think you’re imagining it – surfaces.

The video is disembodied limbs and masks morphing into spindly figures who move, spider-like through the semi darkness – it’ll all but make your skin crawl.

It’s unnervingly experimental. It’s decidedly harrowing and I want more.