Ross Jack’s “What More (Can I Say)” is all languid hip-hop and stoner visuals

Ross Jack is out here offering up a musical plot twist; his latest offering a cruising mid-tempo half-love-song which never quite wraps up.

Not that I mind.

The Jozi-hailing producer, after taking an extended break in 2017, is hot back on the scene and slowing things down a little with this one.

Space-age, tinsel synth is rife and ready, fleshing out the melody – while an off-kilter static beat pins the track down.

“Leviate/we could talk for hours/ have a musical debate,” he drawls as the ballad-esque hip-hop track unfurls and smoke blossoms across the screen.

The video takes on stoner-esque visuals at some of their finest – cutting a strange yet somehow apt contrast through the song itself.

Silhouetted against a rolling oceanic sunset, a full rainbow loops across the sky. Things are tripled up and hazy. Marijuana leaves skate across the screen. Next thing you know the synths swell and Jack is on a Vespa, speeding through space – geometrics unraveling in the sky behind his shoulders.

It’s galactic hip-hop, infused in funk and a touch of your classic pop. Wrapped up in a blanket of half-unexpected stonerism.

Try it on for size, it just might fit.