RxSolo’s Insert Complex is a textured EP that requires your full attention

RxSolo’s new EP Insert Complex is musically complex to say the least, and he’s asking for your undivided attention here. 

It hones in on the continuous systemic oppression of POC, particularly the coloured community, and the subsequent effects as well as the anxieties of growing up and making it as a young artist in Cape Town.

With the melding of different electro sub-genres supporting RxSolo’s spitting verses the first half of the EP focuses on the socio-political issues that the coloured community has faced since day one. There’s anger, confusion, and desperation and the music as he brings the past right back and begs for an identity: a foothold in our country.

The second half takes a more introspective route. 

From “Blurry” through to the closing track “P(ill)” we’re taken on a journey of toxicity and bad decisions. “Oochie Wally” is a story of arrogance, manipulation, hopelessness, and escapism. As it switches between lethargic, stoner beats and comparatively upbeat sections it creates an aesthetic that feels something like the closing section of Requiem For a Dream.

This is a deeply layered cross-section of the flaws in our society that requires more than a few listens to fully understand.