Samson Brothers’ Music Is Our Elevation EP is a tasty treat of, hopefully, more to come

Fresh, integral and bound to get those limbs moving, Samson Brothers know how to spin a tune.

Bristling in pop-esque hooks, their sound is an organic progression between groove-infused reggae rhythm, soulful acoustics, and slick electronic production.

Take your pick.

Their freshly-dropped EP powers through its three brief tracks before you quite know what has hit you as Matthew and Josh Samson find balance in a generously layered genre pool.

Experimental in the simplest of ways, the titular track finds a single line electronic vein sliding across the top of an effortlessly bouncy undertow and pitching vocals. Solid production rub shoulders with a boogie-induced bass line.

Acoustic-driven rhythm drives “Just A Feeling”, stripping it all down a little – and whose repetition, rather than detracting from the track, instead drives their message home with cumulative ease.

Unplugged and crooning, “Addiction” wraps things up with soulful flare and although it never quite alludes to pop, is packed with hooks. There’s a bolder drop this time around and if that doesn’t get you hips moving, nothing on this EP will.

This one has some good grip on it. Give it a whirl.