Shameless show us that punk’s not dead with their video for “Impicabadala”

Shameless, a three-piece punk-band which part of a steadily growing rock scene in Soweto, have released a lo-fi video for “Impicabadala” that hits the ideological nail on the head.

When the likes of Television and The Ramones first took to the CBGB stage in the mid-seventies they would scarcely have thought that they’d started a chain of events that would eventually birth a sub-genre called tribal punk some 8000 miles away.

Shot in guitarist Musa Zwane’s back yard, this one-take wonder captures the essence of what the aforementioned pioneers were all about. 

With lack of change on their lips, Shameless tear through the eardrums of friends and family – and one frightened child – with nothing but the kind of honesty and authenticity that has always inspired young people to fight for what they deserve. 

Punk rock was born as a bare-boned middle-finger to the establishment and now, four decades later that rebellious, stripped-down D.I.Y. approach has found a new voice in Shameless.