The Drift’s riveting video for “SEER” is the perfect teaser ahead of their album drop

Following a two year hiatus, sludge metal miscreants The Drift are back in action and hardier than ever.

No, but really.

With their third album on the horizon, a fresh line-up, and this hot-off-the-press video “Seer”, these guys have never looked so good – with the the final piece of their Deluge trilogy about to drop.

“Seer” serves as a top quality taster of what is to come – with grinding, gravelly, groove-laden metal countering a bright and dazzlingly clarified visual accompaniment.

Rather than dark, rugged stages, and flying sweat-soaked hair, The Drift opt for a sharp-edge approach instead. Blue paint drips blood-like from the face and arms of a dark-eyed girl – whose gaze bores into the camera with fiery ferocity.

If that alone isn’t enough to set you on edge, wait for the rest: as a demonic (but is is?) sequence of finger-painted blue blood and feathers and animal skulls, cross cut against a searingly white backdrop, plays out.

Roaring vocals and bared teeth, stuttering cuts and rapid-fire drum work which triples the track’s pace in seconds.

It’s harrowing, striking, manipulative and wild in equal measure.