The Jagger Lounge is Cape Town’s newest live music venue set to open at the end of August in Shortmarket Street

There’s a new venue set to open in Cape Town and it’s about time.

While sadly, Café Roux in Shortmarket Street is no more, the venue is in the process of being transformed into The Jagger Lounge.

Andy Mac (Amp Events) Mike Vaughan (Mars Music) and musician Ard Matthews have joined forces to open an acoustically sound space with classy finishes and world class technical solutions.

“As musicians ourselves, and having been partners for several years in various successful businesses, the topic of opening our own little world-class live music venue in Cape Town would constantly come up in conversation between Mike and myself,” Andy Mac explains to me.

“Creating a space where artists would be given the tools to really shine and a world-class sonic environment for Capetonians to experience intimate live performances… and thus The Jagger Lounge is born. A venue created by musicians, for musicians. Jagger is the name of my first born son, so it’s particularly special for me personally,” he smiles broadly.

Mike Vaughan is equally as excited about his new venture alongside his two friends telling me, “For the past ten years, I’ve been talking about a space that would finally represent a world class offering for live music in our city. Reality is, it’s not as easy as finding the space, throwing some cash at it and there you go. It was always about the space, we needed a high ceiling, an acoustically sound room, the right size capacity and location, location, location. So actually, taking over the already amazing Café Roux space on Shortmarket Street couldn’t have been more perfect.”

Vaughan talks excitedly about how The Jagger Lounge is a canvas for artists and bands to perform in a beautifully sounding room with the very best technical solution, providing all musicians with a full live recording of their show at no additional cost.

“Mike, Andy and myself have been ‘in the business’ together for more than 20 years already so it seemed like a very natural progression that we would get together to create this very exciting project, our dream playground, The Jagger Lounge,” declares Ard Matthews.  
Model, actress and entrepreneur, Ilene Grahn, has also come on-board to assist the trio in the running of this new venue, as Ard explains, “Ilene jumped at the opportunity to lend her general prowess to this venture and we couldn’t be happier to have her, and the powerhouse that is Sarah Vaughan, on board to be the roses in our team. Rock ‘n’ roll always requires a woman’s touch!”

The Jagger Lounge will also feature a fully functioning kitchen open for breakfast, lunch and dinner but in all honesty, I’m way more interested in their triple stacked premium tequila and mezcal cabinet. I mean, can you smell the hangover?

Andy and Mike ensure me that The Jagger Lounge will cater to all types of genres – from rock to hip hop to jazz and comedy – they want to be as all-inclusive as possible and I for one am frothing.

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