the klubs cordially invite you to join their Cult Party pt 1: male plague

Here come the klubs. A brand new three-piece post-punk band straight out of Pretoria.

Their debut release, a 5 song EP Cult Party pt.1: male plague is an audacious auditory exploration into the unpleasant state of the world.

Opening track “FFS” serves as a deceptively apathetic introduction for the listener. As the EP progresses however, it warps into the distinctly dark, gritty, no-fucks-given tone which characterises the songs to follow. 

The EP captivates the listener as it brashly demands your attention and is unwilling to relinquish its grasp on you until its message has been conveyed; as it uncompromisingly interweaves its subversive themes with an acute element of self-criticism. 

The songs perfectly capture that characteristic post-punk angst with the help of some sublimely grimy guitar and aggressive, howling riffs set over tenebrous base and drum lines. Dylan Christie’s distinctively raw vocals take on a much darker, grittier tone as he explores (in the band’s words) the negative outcome of a world which is primarily run by men.

With each song bolder, louder and angrier than its predecessor, this offering is no doubt going to cause a serious outbreak of head-banging.

the klubs are playing two Uncle Mothers show this Friday in Joburg and this Saturday in Pretoria.