Vulvodynia return with a beautiful but foreboding new album for your face-melting pleasure

Following the successful release of Psychosadistic Design, one of South Africa’s heaviest export, Vulvodynia, return with a slamming new album titled Mob Justice.

When it comes to savagery and shade, the five-piece band know how to do it – and they do it well. As the band states, “We needed an album that paid homage to the savage motherland we call home. We needed an album that hit home for us conceptually. Instead of following up on the murder themes of Psychosadistic Design or the alien themes of Finis Omnium Ignorantiam we are basing each song around the horrors we face in our day to day lives in South Africa. We will leave no stone unturned as we expose you to everything vile that Africa has to offer from our drug epidemics to our mob justice killings to our corrupt government!” 

As the opening soundscape “Feast”, on Mob Justice suggests, South Africa is a jungle and a beastly one too. The hungry lion definitely doesn’t sleep on any given night. Speaking of beast, vocalist Alex Taylor of UK groove metal band Malevolence, makes a guest appearance on “Born Into Filth”. And if that didn’t get your guts churning, Trevor Strnad of American melodic death metal band The Black Dahlia Murder appears on track “Reclaim The Crown Part 1: The Burning Kingdom”.

Stand-out tracks “Nyaope” and title-track “Mob Justice”, are fuelled with grating guitars, haunting breakdowns and neck-breaking drums. The gurgling vocals are always on point – always high-energy.

Production-wise, one can simply not fault the quality. The band have chosen to work with Lacerated Enemy Records – a Czech Republic label that has opened its filthy arms to other death-metallers like Konkeror and Veld.

Despite the various changes to line-up over the years, Vulvodynia have finally settled in and joined their high-ranking counterparts. Mob Justice is a strong release that throws a big “fuck you” to turbulent SA politics and a “fuck yeah” to heavy metal!

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