Watch BCUC perform “Yinde” at Glastonbury 2019

When we wrote about BCUC being confirmed for Glastonbury, your response was overwhelmingly supportive for the 7-piece band.

And rightfully so.

We have always maintained at TATC that this is a band that works so hard and make their performances look so effortless, it may seem as though they’re on autopilot.

As was to be expected, the group took to one of Glasto’s stages last month and delivered a high energy, no-holds-barred set that impressed far beyond the crowd in front of the stage (see tweets at the bottom of this post).

In the direct heat of the English summer sun, with two SA flags floating in and out of frame, they collectively controlled the ebb and flow of their set – speeding it up and slowing it down with expert precision.

This is a well-oiled ship. One that’s set to reach many more highs and we’re here for all of them.