WeezyJay’s “Pressure” is a candid exploration of the trials and tribulations of the music industry

Only adding to the emotions and intentions behind the song, WeezyJay’s “Pressure” video is some hard-packed relatable content.

Teaming up with Zubz for this one, WeezyJay bring rock and hip-hop together to open up about the trials and tribulations, the successes and doubts that come with fighting for a place in the music industry. 

The meaning of the song lies in the characters. As they deal with the pressures of being an artist determined to succeed they allows for a glimpse of the vulnerability and uncertainty that lies behind the passion and the resolve to make it. 

You can see them thinking about the journey ahead and processing how daunting it is but knowing that the rewards will be worth it as long as they never give up.

“Pressure” is a song about perseverance in the face of uncertainty and the video makes that more tangible, adding weight to the already powerful words.