A world-weary Somerfaan confronts modern morality in his “Would U let me in?” video

Would U let me in? A worthy question, with so much shit hitting the fan these days – and since forever for that matter.

Somerfaan wildly unpacks that very question through a effusive tirade of sound and lyric alike. Irrefutably direct and backed by a healthy array of synths.

Baritone, guttural vocals rumble through – from square one this track is pretty intense – while spinning-top synths, alien tin-foil space-cadet synths, are backed by a grinding electro beat.

A hand-drawn illustration serves as the centerpiece of the video, while freakishly psychedelic textures intermittently colour, swirl and pattern the back and foreground alike. It’s a man asleep in bed while the bat-like (devil, vampire, The Man – take your pick) looms over with menace. Not so sweet dreams.

It’s acid rock at its strangest. An owlish sound, with textures chipping in left right and center, whenever they see fit. A riff-driven chorus drives the rock facet home with cumulous energy, roughening up the edges just enough.

“So tell me, truly/ how is it living in your country?/ Is it a war-torn hell hole?” Somerfaan demands, plucking out society’s atrocities, large and small, at pin-point and driving them back with a painful prick.