All We’ve Known release their well-balanced debut album Dissidence

With two EPs under the belt, metalcore outfit All We’ve Known have released their first full-length album.

The chugging riffs and heavy breakdowns that form the basis of All We’ve Known’s sound are tempered with the use of melodic lead guitar and ambient electronic samples, creating contrasting moments that feel suspended in time.

This contrast is perhaps most notable on tracks like “First Blood”, where the EDM-like intro builds up and leads into one of the heavier verses on the album. This as well as “Halfway”, where the electronica works hand in hand with the lead guitar to bring a touch of sentimentality to the song’s otherwise gruff, aggressive aesthetic. 

It would be remiss of me not to mention the consistency of intensity and identity. Often debut full-length albums peter out after the halfway mark, but All We’ve Known manage to keep their energy up throughout, meaning that you’ll be head-banging from the first note right up until the very last.