Bernelie’s “Yin” video is an ethereal conversation about body standards and self-love

A sprinkles-crusted ice cream suddenly takes the portrait shot of the video, before its stuffed into Bernelie’s smiling mouth. It’s enough to give anyone a sugar craving. There’s cake and pizza too but we’ll get to that later.

Bernelie’s “Yin” is an effusive and gentle exploration of our relationship to food and taking care of ourselves – pivoted off the skewed body standards we are spoon-fed by the media and society at large.

A chiming, haunting piano melody holds its own, while a bulbous bass electro line thuds through – allowing the track to indecisively straddle the lines of ambient and progressive.

The Capetonian musician recently moved to Abu Dhabi, but “Yin” is unmistakably South African in its visual context. Countering a sweeping Atlantic sunset scene with a green-drenched, smoke-hazed forest glade, there’s more than enough space to move. And she does: exhibiting her performance art roots in fine-tuned movement and spinning poi.

The foodstuffs make an appearance halfway through, as the sun begins to sink behind the roaring waves.

“One day I’ll show myself how to let go,” she assures, as she intermittently stuffs cream-coated cake and pizza into her mouth with healthy abandon – in a sweet reminder to just live your life.