BROCKHAMPTON spit truths on darker themes in their “No Halo” video

BROCKHAMPTON has always relied on radical honesty and they deliver exactly that in their latest video for “No Halo”, as the song squares up to tackle themes of failed relationships, unstable mental health, and substance abuse.

Featuring the vocal stirrings of grungy, modern-emo queen Deb Never (another fresh-faced SoundCloud initiate who you should keep an eye on), the track pivots off a low-tempo almost melancholic vein as opposed to their usual energy-fuelled bangers.

The Texas-born, California-raised rap collective were banded together by a Kanye West forum, a shared impulsive nature and a love of rap. Four years down the line and in the wake of a flurry of releases which took them to the brink of burn-out and back, “No Halo” sees them take on darker themes alongside tin foil-iridescent visuals.

They’re pegged as a boy band but I’ve never seen one with this much authentic pizzazz. Without batting an eyelid, Matt Champion drops bars with the kind of indecently decent swagger that’ll stop you in your tracks – then trades the mic with equal ease.

It’s a lot of blur and blitz, with a shot of glam thrown in there for the sake of Deb Never’s welcome feminine boost. It’s kickback bold band camaraderie, and it’s great.