Caroline Leisegang’s third album, My Body Of Preludes, is strong, serene and sentimental

Finding continuity in simplicity, but never repetition, Caroline Leisegang unrolls her latest album, My Body of Preludes.

Following more than a year’s break, due to health issues, South Africa’s youngest classical composer (28) delivers a tender and deeply thoughtful tribute to the people who have somehow become a part of her.

With the aim to have a conversation with the people in question, as opposed to capturing them in music, each of the 12 preludes taught and loaded with careful intent. Interspersing the preludes are a selection of re-recorded renditions of track from her sophomore album Simple Circles.

Ranging from 34 second snippets to anthemic pieces of over 3 minutes, each takes on a small life of its own.

Dreamy, dark and wholesome, “Prelude No. 1” undulates and cascades, whereas “Prelude No. 3 (Winter)” takes on a simple and sharp approach.

Classical piano allows various string elements to shift in and out of focus between the bars. “Prelude No. 9” is evenly textured in pizzicato strings and sweeping counterparts alike – while “Prelude No. 4” is ethereal, full-bodied and cast in strange melodic shadow.

Elusive, serene and strong in its simplicity, Leisegang takes you on a gentle journey: snippets of the world through her eyes.