Covered In Noise release debut single “Numbers” and it’s an epic love letter to the goth and industrial greats

You’re not ready for rock ‘n’ roll of this broody magnitude.

If you forgot what a great goddam songwriter George van der Spuy (Taxi Violence, Crawling King Snake) is, like a fresh smack, this track is sure to remind you.

Throw Nicolai Roos (The Sleepers) into the mix alongside guitar co-conspirator Adam Hill (Echo Beach, The Sleepers) and add a lekker Chris Bornman (Stoker) on bass and additional vocals and it’s a match made in Kill City heaven.

This is Covered In Noise.

“George and Nic were hanging around the Killy City Blues studio one night and thought it would be fun to put together song that was homage to all the ’80s and ’90s goth and industrial music they loved. Nic played the early ideas to me, I was in love, then got Chris involved,” guitarist Adam Hill explains when I ask him how this bromance was born.

“The idea was to not overthink anything too much in the initial process. To stick close to the first feeling and overall mood and see what grows from that. The track came together and was finished off when the four of us could get into a room, have a few laughs and just enjoy the overall process. It was surprisingly seamless,” Hill shrugs.

Seamless indeed. It’s amazing what happens very naturally when there’s no pressure on anyone from anybody to release anything – when great minds really do think alike. I need more of this. Stat.