Crimson House’s Bounceolgy album is a full-on gypsy cabaret for your listening pleasure

Spearheaded by the the shenanigans of Riaan Smit’s ringmaster persona, Crimson House’s latest album is all top hats and eyeliner, tailcoats and spinning skirts – wrapped into a fizzling package of circus on a musical string.

And that’s just the musical part. Thematically this album is all over the map – treading from the tale of an African mama who heads off to the big city, to multi-fold reminders to just be yourself, for goodness sake.

These days their sound is a dark sort of gypsy groove, gilt in brass textures and a whole lot of energy that’ll knock you off your feet.

Theatrical eccentricity drives the bouncing likes of “Unicorns”, and the Euro-cartoonish pace of “Carmen”. African bass rhythms underpin it all, with “Mama Land” and “Take A Chance” fronting the Afro-jazz tangent.

There’s country injections (“Pot Of Gold”), and then “Jo Bounce” wraps it up with a heady dose of their self-made ADM: dripping in all the gritty drops and progressive mania of an EDM track only it’s all acoustic – see what they did there?

You’ll want to grab a glass of wine for this one – and have a lot of free leg room.