Dave Grohl recruits two special guests to help Foo Fighters close their headlining set at Sziget

It’s been a while since I’ve written about His Grohliness and in all honesty, I’ve missed him.

The Foos are currently galavanting around Europe and thank god because we all know that, a part from being one of the greatest living bands of all time (can you tell I’m a fan girl?) they’re super entertaining onstage, thanks mainly to His Grohliness’ between-song-banter.

Two days ago during their headlining set at Sziget Festival in Hungary, the most spectacular thing happened. His Grohliness spotted a man in a wheelchair who’d been blissfully crowd surfing and decided that he couldn’t close the show without him.

“He’s the fucking star of the show right there – that’s the fucking star of the show. My man! My man! I have a question – do you wanna come up and watch the show from up here?”

He also recruited a girl who’d been blowing bubbles throughout the show to stand next to drummer Taylor Hawkins and do her thing during “Everlong”. This is bucketlist shit people.

God bless these two. And god bless The Foos.