Delilah Montagu’s debut EP In Gold is a neo-classic pop dream

Delilah Montagu has got a voice to stop you in your tracks – and an honesty to boot.

She’s feather-light, gossamer-fine and striking in just how powerfully the fragility of her sound comes across.

The British classic pop sweetheart is effortlessly carving out a place for herself – and with just four tracks to her name and some tasty collaborations.

Heartbreak, elation, love in all it’s forms. It’s nothing new Montagu is tackling. But if anything, it’s these universal topics which straddle almost every dividing line across the world, which have so much to offer.

They’re ballads, the lot of them, and they’re beautiful. Steeped in classicism, “Seven Days of Rain” opens the offering with silvery vocals against a piano-led track. Narrative, poetic lyricism fits together like puzzle pieces.

“Gold” fleshes things out a little, and ruminates with a more gilded acceptance, on the unpredictability love – while jangling psych tones lend an edge to nostalgia-soaked “Next To Me”.

She’s delicate and wildly self-assured with a snap-back power which will hit you like a roaring summer wind.