Dope Folks’ new EP Wasting Time is subversive in the best way possible

Showing off their versatility and self-belief, Dope Folks consistently raise the bar in their new EP Wasting Time.

By the time you’re halfway through “Pop This!” you’ll think you have an idea of what the rest of the EP will sound like. Carrying through the distorted guitars, bass, and drums of opening track “He Said She Said,” it lulls you into a false sense of security before completely subverting your expectations.

The title track comes in and, with the simple addition of a piano, completely changes the game. From pop-rock we’re thrust into a more classic-rock sound that has The Who written all over it. This delicate touch brings with it a shift in song-writing that lasts right through to the final note.

The appropriately titled “Social Commentary” is a departure from angry love songs before the honest, hard-hitting “Show Stopper” brings the curtain down on a dynamic, shape-shifting EP.