Ed Fraser’s eerie “Swallow” video might just set your teeth on edge

Three boys set off on their bikes to explore a derelict, abandoned Soviet hospital. What could possibly go wrong?

Ed Fraser is a Melbourne musician navigating Berlin (I say this every time, but who hasn’t moved there at this stage?), and frontman of noise band HEADS – now launching a batch of his fresh solo stuff – with his EP Ghost Gums dropping in September.

“Swallow” (and I’m not certain which meaning of the word to lean to here), is a jangling, 1970’s esque psych-rock maneuver. Pivoting off a slow and gravitating progression, distorted guitar both lulling the track, and quietly building a rippling edge to the point of combustion.

The video was shot by Christiania Krueger at Beelitz: an abandoned Soviet hospital complex outside Berlin. Crumbling, peeling, shadowed and bare.

The narrative-style video reminds me of Stranger Things more than I’d like to admit. Three kids clamber aboard BMX trick bikes and set off to take on the eerie building, armed with Nerf guns and vandalizing chalk – accidentally triggering whatever unearthly presence lurks those halls.

Classic meddling kids.

With the visuals tallying right up to the calibre of the track, Fraser is one to keep an eye on.