Emerger’s final installment of their Artscape sessions is a stripped rendition of their victorious “Break & Fall”

Wrapping up their 3-part live Artscape series, Emerger aptly tie the ribbon with yet another rendition of the track which saw them win the Abbey Road Studios international song contest in 2013.

Perhaps the track closest to their hearts, they paid homage to it with a versions EP release earlier this year which included 5 remixed renditions of the track as it has evolved over the 6 years since it pivoted their musical stance.

This time around it’s beautifully stripped down and subtly cinematic – as their sound almost always tends to be. Shot in the orchestral rehearsal rooms in the Artscape Theatre, the track follows one continuous shot, moving seamlessly between Emma de Goode as she boldly belts out the emotive vocals, and Gerrit Matthee’s fine-tuned piano accompaniment.

The darkness around them swallows up the sound. They could be in a tiny room or a monumental concert hall for all we know. It lends a strange mystery to the video.

Haunting and boldly simplistic, the track chronicles the elastic, unpredictability of relationships, no longer as a soaring pop anthem but as a sugar-spun ballad.