Fresh Flex Friday

Fresh Flex Friday #97

This week’s selection is the most dynamic playlist we’ve had in a while. A full spectrum of mood, energy and emotion. There is a song to send to your lover, a song to blast in your car on the way home and a few to get you riled up for the club this weekend.

Explore the many facets of the incredible local talent we have in South Africa. Rave safe and see you next week.

Miles of White – It’s Kind of Trent 

This is a more gritty and dark offering from Miles of White. The undulating rhythm is overlaid with a vocal sample of American composer John Cage talking about his thoughts on sound and music. MoW’s versatility in his production illustrates his ability to construct moods and landscapes out of pretty much any combination of instruments. This is an exercise in sound design as much as it is songwriting. Another excellent offering from this under-appreciated gem of an artist.

Georgia Rose – Scared

Rose’s PR team is pushing the angle of her being reminiscent of the likes of Amy Winehouse and Sia. That’s a risky comparison to make for anyone and I don’t think its fair to set up that kind of expectation. Georgia Rose is incredible and should be appreciated without comparison. Her voice is crisp and melodic with a soothing intonation. I haven’t heard a voice like hers in South African music for quite a while. The song strikes a sweet balance between pop song construction and lo-fi indie cheekiness that encapsulates the energy of this debut single perfectly.

ADV – Dead End Town

This track fluctuates between soundtracking a 1950’s milkshake date in the back of a cadillac and an angst filled stoner grunge house party in the ’90s. And I’m totally on board with both of those moods. Life is utterly too short to be stuck in a single era, especially when it is deliverable this well. Great voice, solid songwriting and appearing on our timelines as the best surprise this week. More please.

Dan Mwale – And Then Everyone Died feat PatricKxxLee

Part-time lawayer Mwale has paired with Soundcloud breakout sensation PatricKxxLee on this ominous beat driven offering. The structure follows the formula of establishing the context of each artist’s attitude to the industry and their peers. Boardeline hubris in the lyrics, mentions of haters, hierarchies and ambitions is delivered by two deep, dark and smooth toned rappers.

Angel-Ho – Up For Love

Our favourite voguing superstar diva Angel-Ho has jumped on a house beat and in a most expected way we have just stumbled on a ’90s rave anthem for the 21st Century. That scene in Baz Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet where Mercutio is dancing to Candi Stanton’s “Young Hearts Run Free” could totally be recreated with “Up For Love” as the motivation. This song was made on the fly over the backing track from a fashion show and is a hit we didn’t know we needed.