From a punk rock Cruella de Vil, to the addition of Kit Harrington to the Marvel Universe, here are the tastiest talking points from Disney’s D23 Expo

If we list every single thing that happened at Disney’s D23 Expo over the weekend we’re literally going to be here forever and ain’t nobody got time for that on a Monday morning when you have a thousand-and-one things to do.

So in the interest of bite-sized entertainment news that all the kids seem to love nowadays, here are the tastiest announcements that Disney made over the weekend.

The Rise Of Skywalker: During this panel, new footage from The Rise of Skywalker was shown and reports are now emerging that there was a moment that showed bad-ass Rey, wearing a black hood, and wielding a double-bladed lightsaber that looks a lot like Darth Mauls. *Screams internally*

The Mandalorian: Directed Jon Favreau has definitely made good on his claim of bringing a “darkier, freakier side” to the Star Wars franchise with The Mandalorian. Played by Pedro Pascal, the titular character is heavily inspired by Boba Fett and his dad Jango. The Mandalorian will also be one of the biggest titles to stream when Disney launch their Netflix rival, Disney+ on November 12.


The World According To Jeff Goldblum: The only thing I love more than Nicolas Cage is Jeff Goldblum so the announcement of this new National Geographic series has me frothing. In a nutshell, it follows the legend that is Jeff Goldblum as he learns about things that make him curious – we’re talking everything from sneakers, to ice cream to tattoos.

Lady and the Tramp: In possibly the cutest trailer to come out of D23, the live-action remake of this canine classic is also set to premier on Disney+ come November 12. And while they don’t show you the classic spaghetti scene in the trailer below, it was be a sin of epic proportions not to include it.

101 Dalmatians: If you’re trying to figure out what’s going on in our feature picture – that would be your first look at Oscar-winner Emma Stone as a smokey-eyed, Tim Burton-esque, Cruelle de Vil. This live-action remake is only due out in 2020 but I’m amped. So amped that here’s that pic one more time…

The Eternals: Game Of Thrones fans rejoice! Jon Snow and Robb Stark will reunite in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new saga which sees Kit Harington play Black Knight and Richard Madden play Ikaris. The Eternals, who made their first appearance in Marvel comics in 1976, are a group of superheroes created by the revered artist Jack Kirby.