Get ready for a proper blast from the past: The Finkelstiens just released their entire catalogue on streaming

First it was Tool who realised that they needed to move into the 21st century by uploading their entire catalogue to streaming, and now, The Finkelstiens have done it.

From today music fans from the pre-social media era, also known as reality, will be mildly entertained with a seductive glance from the past as their 12th favourite pop-punk band from #8 3rd Avenue Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Africa, The World… finally add their songs to online music stores – beaten to the top spots by Worm’s younger sister and a wicker dog basket. 

The band, best known for their fabulous ability to bake meat pies, lurked in the shadows of the SA music scene for years behind the likes of Fokofpolisekar, Prime Circle and The Parlotones, hoping that at some point their time would come and they’d catch a glimpse of one of those bands’ members naked backstage.

Legend goes that the decision to upload their albums online came when their lead singer (Bryan McLagan better known as Wang) found some of their old CDs being used as coasters at a local restaurant. He stopped and thought to himself, “I wonder if Panda bears can learn sign language?”

“I knew there had to be an easier way to add large numbers,” says McLagan. “Counting higher than ten has always been a challenge for me unless I’m not wearing shoes! Then getting past 20 was impossible! Now that I have thousands of Finkelstien coasters my maths problems are solved!”

It was round about this time that he discovered the internet and as he explains, “That’s when I knew with absolute certainty that the band would never make it.”

Regardless, they’ve now blessed us with every single song they’ve ever written.

QQ ME BABY I AM AMPED. And you are too don’t lie to yourself.

Stream their catalogue below on Apple Music.

Is that a Golf Ball, or did you just go Shopping?

The Dawning of a New Error (2005)

The Finkelstiens vs Rock ’n Roll (2007)

The Finkelstiens Self Titled (2008)