MØNSTRØID gives the desert a soundtrack in their “Lost In The Haze” video

Engines whine and rev, as wheels kick up dust and “Lost In The Haze” rockets forth at a breakneck pace. Tightly-wound riffage, clean-spun yet gritty, is the driving force behind it.

The track is off the Capetonian stoner rockers’ debut album Set 1, which dropped in 2017. The energy-fueled 4-piece were apparently brought together through a mutual love for writing, making and sharing tectonic plate-shifting sound – and it seems pretty apt as far as this track goes.

The video was shot in the stark, barren landscape of south-western Africa. Deserts between South Africa and Namibia serve as the local counterpart for California’s desert rock scene from which the band draw most influence.

Soaked in a gritty, raw footage style, blurred lines slide across the screen as the band launch into a wild rendition in the center of an equally wild landscape. 12/06/1994 is the date stamped across the top right corner of the footage. Unlikely. Those jeans look decidedly 21st century stuff.

The rip-roaring tempo gives way, mid-track to a series of percussion-fringed pregnant pauses. The camera pans over green-fringed rivers. If there were to be a soundtrack for this landscape, MØNSTRØID have got it covered.