Noa Milan releases a deeply moving video for “Laat die Mense Maar Praat”

Muted in colour, the video for bilingual songstress Noa Milan’s “Laat die Mense Maar Praat” is an intimate, visceral journey through the emotions so many in the LGBT community face.

Taken from the pages of Milan’s journal, the song is about embracing your truest self regardless of what people say. It’s a sonic journey from insecurity and anxiety to strength, but even within that strength lies vulnerability. There’s an understanding that even on your strongest days it’s sometimes impossible to be invincible.

The video drives home that sense of uncertainty and fragility. With actress Lea Vivier acting as a foil to Milan it first comes across as nothing more than a lovers’ spat, but you soon realise how wrong that assumption is. Through Milan’s interaction with Vivier you see her wild, almost manic thought processes as she flips between being loving and open to isolating herself and drowning in insecurity and shame.

“Laat die Mense Maar Praat” is an emotional song in itself and when combined with the video it moves up a level from something you can understand to something you feel on a very deep level.