PHFAT dials each theme up to 100% in his sex | love | heartbreak EP

Swinging from swimmingly raunchy to straight up nostalgic, PHFAT chronicles every emotion associated with sex, love and heartbreak – ripping them raw until they’re bleeding on the floor.

Navigating his dark electronic rap contingencies with shameless ’90s pop and R&B elements, Mike straddles a whole new musical ballgame with this release. It’s probably the most honest and polished he has ever been.

“It’s weird, when I’d been making dark party music for so long, it almost felt scary to write such a variety of music into one EP,” he says. Well, it’s some damn good variety.

“Dark Dance”, produced by his former PHFAT co-pilot Narch, is the wildest sex song I’ve ever come across. Rolling, dark, hazy production it’s just like the old days – visceral, ominous, explicit as it can get. Following suit, turning the one-night-stand into something a little more, “Get Some” is all alien synth and percussion.

“My Lady” takes on boyish infatuation and schoolboy love notes, but the real stuff comes when “Catherine” rolls around and it might be the first time PHFAT has laid out his heart enough to break yours. It’s an R&B ballad, a soul-infused self-reflective, sentimental ode to love and crippling goodbyes.

It’s got gritty, wild Smooth Mike poured all over it, but it’s a whole lot more wholesome than he’s ever been.