Reflection, creation and destruction reign in Medicine Boy’s “A Mirror” video

Medicine Boy remind you of a time when pysch-rock ruled the radiowaves, and to label the genre as “alternative” would be a gross understatement.

The dream noise duo, who hail from the beating heart of Berlin these days, just released their peach-soaked, prickly visual accompaniment to “A Mirror”.

“A mirror, a moan, a spirit, a bone/ a mercy, a martyr, slowly growing harder.” Andre Leo’s vocals chillingly screech through the sound. A dulled drum beat lends a sort of futuristic tribal nuance to the track, while a gradual build trips up into a roaring pysch-rock riff.

An old TV set buzzes blankly on a static screen, flanked by flowers, while a bouquet drumstick slowly disintegrates as it taps out the rhythm. The video is all peach-toned; their faces flickereon and off the TV set as they reel out the track. Lucy Kruger is strong and dark and striking.  

They launched a crowdfunding campaign just over a month ago to raise the whopping funds for their 3rd album – and have almost hit the R50k mark. Go get involved if you want to hear more of their fuzzed up dreamworld – we certainly do.