SA’s ultimate Halloween experience announces full line-up across 3 stages

There is no better Halloween jol in the country than the one thrown each year in Pretoria. I used to fly up for that shit when I still lived in Cape Town.

This year’s edition at Loftus is set to be no different with RAM, Griet and Halloween PTA joining evil forces once again to bring down American rock band Cky. Granted their popularity peaked back in 2004 and they’ve recently had their bassist leave the band, but they’re currently destroying summer stages all over Europe so I’m interested to see how this two-piece is going to work out.

Add to that Fokofpolisiekar (god I feel like I’ve seen them everywhere this year), Shortstraw (comeback kings, yay!), Facing The Gallows (who are basically dominating right now) and my new faves Weed Dealer, and we’ve got a real party on our hands.

Pick up your Early Bird tickets now for R150.