Sean Koch’s video for “Your Mind Is A Picture” is sweet romantic authenticity to a tee

It’s a summery, sea-breezy, surf culture vibe of a track. What more can I say of Sean Koch? The kind of feel good acoustic surf-folk which will never really ever get old.

He and his band of Kommetjie musicians are actually in Europe as we speak, kicking off yet an another extensive tour around the continent.

I’m not sure if “Your Mind Is A Picture” is a love song or a life song. Either way, it’s an acoustic anthem perfect for the imminent springtime. Clarified guitar and drifting vocal harmonies root down through a grooving bass line and easy percussion. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but it’ll catch you in all the places that matter.

Organic romance and sunset-soaked perambulations across Cape Town beaches: the video is directed by Wezley Lewis. Koch is the epitome of a surfer muso on his home turf, guitar in hand, spinning Jessica Lee Buchanan through dappled trees with the other.

It kind of cute, it’s kind of artsy, it’s kind of corny. It’s reading books in the bath, the city lights from Signal Hill, and cycling through Camps Bay; it’s dancing around with bottles of wine in winter firelight. It’s a frivolous and effortlessly fun exploration of the intricate picture of ones mind.