Skai Lounge weaves wordless stories in Night Sky Cinema

A love story in five parts, Skai Lounge’s Night Sky Cinema delicately blends trip-hop and ambient sounds with fine-tuned elements of  classical repertoire.

Without a lyric in sight this EP traces out a love story from inception to destruction with the lack of words giving the listener license to fill in the details, instantly creating a personal connection.

There are moments, specifically in “Yung X Lonely,” that wouldn’t be out of place on one of Moby’s more emotive albums and as a whole the EP could easily soundtrack an indie film.

Within the ambience the arrangements gently twist and turn with the subtle swapping of sounds and instruments, keeping things from stagnating and falling into the background. The difficulty with instrumental pieces is that it’s often difficult to derive any meaning from them, resigning them to merely sounding nice and fading into the background. With Night Sky Cinema there’s no risk of that. The moods created throughout give enough context for the listener to fill in the blanks.